The Foundation for My Hope

One of the questions that many people seem to be asking is something like…

How can you be at peace and confident when you have been told something like, “You have cancer?”

My answer is that I have already been rescued by the work of Jesus.

Here is a great presentation that explains my answer with truth, beauty, and accuracy.

(And if you are interested…and have a lot more time (as in 45mins)…here is my first sermon at our church in which I taught through this Story as I understand it in the Bible.)

May the understanding of the Story of God rip through the fabric of our hearts, mind, and world. 

My wife, Ashley, is telling this ongoing story from a spouse perspective  at Don’t miss it!!! 

One thought on “The Foundation for My Hope

  1. Jesse, we are praying for you and for God’s healing and that your experience will impact many to put their faith in this loving and compassionate God who has rescued us from eternal damnation into Eternal Life with Him.

    LIfe isn’t tied with a bow, but it is still a gift.

    Sandra K Naugle

    545 Linnwood Ave.

    Sellersburg, IN 47172

    Home: 812-246-2918

    Cell: 502-494-4185

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